whats in the purse

i got this idea from sabrina. she is genius. 

i am a pack rat when it comes to my purse. when im trying to find something, i have to dig around for about five minutes before i find it. even ask my friends, its a problem. welcome to the secret life of my purse. i really need to clean it out. 
1. the only thing i drink is water, and i constantly have a bottle near me.
2. life saver mints. these thing are a hit when you are with a group of people. me and my friends love them. especially zach. me and him eat them non stop.
3. my keys. gotta drive and get in my house somehow
4. a comb, so i can brush my wild lion hair when the windows are rolled down.
5. pencil & utah state pen.
6. tampons. lady problems. 
7. headphones. im always listening to country
8. my wallet. also stores my debit card, costa card & kneaders card.
9. check register. so i can keep track of my money.
10. costa vida receipt. its my favorite restaurant. i went there today!
11. my baby. or my ipod whatever you want to call it.
12. a key chain from hollywood that i haven't put on my keys yet
13. hand sanitizer from bath and body. thee best.
14. im a chap stick packer. im addicted to chap stick
15. gum. so i can have good breath when i kiss people....
16. flash drive. don't even know why that's in there
17. advil & excedrine migraine. im really good at getting headaches
18. midol. for that fun week of the month.
19. hair ties. for when i really need to get down to business... haha

not pictured:
my phone with this man's beautiful face on it. 

this is my browning key chain. its broken and it makes me sad. 

and i swear on my grave, this is the BEST smell hand sanitizer out there. buy some.

and there you have it. the inside of my purse. 

p.s. nascar is on right this moment. and im watching it. i freaking love daytona.


bina said...

You should see my car I have camo with pink outline all over haha I got it from Browning they are awesome! I love the kissing people part too way funny :)

kelci r said...

my friends and i looooooooooooove sugarplum hand sanitizer!!! :)