i've picked out my future kiddo's names.
first, i will have a boy. i will name him kai.
second, i will have another boy. i will name him carter.
third, i will have a baby girl. i will name her paisley. or avery. 
that one is kind of up in the air right now.

and then i won't have any more kids. only three for me.

tomorrow, i am seeing the hunger games at seven. hooray for not missing out on sleep.
tonight, i am going to PPT or otherwise known as, the funnest place in the world.
friday, i am going out to the west desert to have a bonfire with all of the rednecks and eat lots of s'mores and make lots of jokes. nothing makes me more excited than sitting around a campfire in the middle of no where. 

momma says i need to start college shopping.
i say id rather die.
the thought of college is terrifying. i dont want to go.
the fact that i need to choose a major really stresses me out.  


Anonymous said...

girl do not stress about your major. seriously. if you're worrying about that on top of everything else that comes with moving away for the first time, you're going to be suicidal before june. i'm a sophomore at utah state and i STILL haven't figured it out. sure, you might feel dumb when everyone and their dog is asking you what your major is and you don't have an answer but believe me, you are not alone. don't even think about it right now.

carlee ellen said...

!!! what theatre are you going to the hunger games at?! i'm going at 7 too:)