black vs white.

im kind of a history junkie, especially when it comes to world war two. when i look at pictures of the past, or in text books, everything is in black and white. it makes it hard for me to imagine what life was really like back then, because there is no color in the pictures. for me, when i think about history, i imagine everything in black and white because thats all i know. its hard to imagine that they had color in their life, because all i see is black and white photographs. do you get what im talking about? maybe im the only one. anyway, this website takes classic black and white photographs and turns them into color pictures. it makes it a lot more surreal, like it actually happened.  i enjoyed them a lot. the last picture is my very favorite.

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Anonymous said...

wow! that is incredible. i am the same way, in seeing things in black and white in my head, and this gives me a completely different perspective. so cool.