the gym is really calling my name. i haven't been for about a week and im feeling really fat. i need to give my quad muscles some attention before they turn back into flab.

im 3 days into this photo challenge and im pretty sure ive already given up. don't even care. 

tonight at midnight me and angie are going to buy footloose because we don't have school tomorrow. yeehaw for being a senior. 

tickets for toby keith and brantley gilbert are on sale now. im going, even if it means going by myself. 
but i really wouldn't enjoy going by myself because usana theater has a lot of drunk scary people at the concerts and i would be worried of rape if i went by myself. 

ive been listening to brad paisley & tim mcgraw a lot lately. i love those two. and no, their new music doesn't even compare to their old stuff. im talking like their albums from the 90's. that's where the real country is at.

thats all. 

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