last summer, i went to disneyland and i stayed at the disneyland hotel. my momma swore that we would not be going back to the magic kingdom until my brother got home from his mission because A, our season passes expired and B, its super expensive. well guess what!?
for three whole days. 
oh, and did i mention that im going with my best friend?
me and miss angie are going to disneyland by ourselves. 
yeah, the two of us in disneyland by for a whole three days. 
its our senior trip/spring break. 
im so stoked out of my mind. 
three days at disneyland, and three days at the beach. 
spring break could not come any faster. 

me and angie.... going on splash mountain at night, waiting in line for tower of terror and singing along on pirates of the carribean. oh and can you imagine how fun the matterhorn will be? or how awesome our faces will look on space mountain. you bet we will take a gazillion pictures. 
im going to cry tears of joy.

and just to let you all know, i will be purchasing the graduation mickey ears. 

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jessica said...

im staying in bullen next year! have you decided yet where you're staying?