dull weekend

i painted my nails. that is probably the most exciting thing ive done all weekend.

(don't mind me looking like a hobo in the back)
they are chevron, the colors i used were white and two different shades of pink.
this webcam picture doesn't do it much justice. 
don't be fooled, painting my nails like this was a pain in the butt and ill probably never be doing it again.

there are a few things ive realized this weekend while sitting at home.
1. i love vacumming 
2. i really hate those stupid pictures of ryan gosling that say "hey girl" with whatever stupid crap someone typed on them. i especially hate the mormon themed ones. 
3. the new pinterest layout/design is garbage.
4. costa vida may possibly the best dang food on this planet. 
5. my mom talks to my cat a lot. i think its weird. 
6. i might possibly enjoy cleaning 
7. there is truly nothing more comfortable than my own bed.
8. im really pissed i missed the miranda lambert & chris young concert last night. i mean seriously. ive missed a lot of good concerts recently and im really itching to go to one.
9. late night bowls of cereal are good for the soul.
10. ive come to terms with myself and im perfectly okay with sitting at home doing nothing for an entire weekend. ive come to realize that i don't have any friends and im fine with that. im sick of all the "pretend" friends in my life and im not going to deal with them anymore. 
11. speaking of friends, i can count all of my friends on one finger. me and that friend are going to disneyland together in three weeks. no big deal.
12. i cant wait for the day when me and my significant other can cuddle and watch movies on a stormy day.
13. gerrard butler is super hot and i want to kiss him.  

and thats everything ive realized this weekend. 


sydnee said...

tutorial on the nails por favor?
i like them a lot.

sydnee said...

oh and talking to cats is perfectly normal in my mind.
unless, people think i'm weird too.