fear the walkers

here's my two cents on the GREATEST tv show to ever air. 
ive loved the show the walking dead since day one. since the very first episode, ive looked forward to sunday  nights at 7. this show, its freaking nuts.
anyway, the finale of season 2 was tonight, and it was unreal. lets talk about what went down.

first. i love rick. he turned into the most BAD A cop around. this is now a ricktatorship.
i almost stood up and applauded him when he was showing the group who's boss.

second. im so glad that scum bag shane is dead. he deserved it from day one.
and im glad that carl was the one that shot him right in the face. so perfect.

third. i about crapped my pants when that hooded creature showed up out of NO WHERE
to save andrea. i mean really, what was that? she had two pet zombies with no arms. 
so weird. 

fourth. i love daryl more than any other character on the show. ive got a major crush on him.
im thinking that him and carol should hook up? they go together perfectly after everything that happened with sophia and all of that drama. they should just kiss already.

fifth. i still hate andrea, i wish she would have died in the forest. 

sixth. good gosh almighty. rumor has it they are going to bring back merle from the very  beginning of the first season?! id die. that redneck would cause so many problems it'd give me a heart attack. 

seventh. i really love how they tied the end of season 1 into the end of season 2. pure genius. 
im amazed rick kept that a secret the whole time! 

eighth. lori is a good for nothing hoe. im pretty sure she is in love with shane? good thing he is dead now. i can't even stand her emotions. rick is so good to her, yet she treats him like dirt.

that last shot of the finale.... so epic. i can't believe its going to be set at a prison next season.
cant freaking wait.

tenth. i love hershel. what a smart man. i really didn't like that ornery old man at first, but now i love him.

the end. i freaking love this show. i hope you all watch it, because it is so intense and amazing. 
im so obsessed its not even funny. team rick for life. 


bina said...

Pssh I just watched the last episode for the season I want to know who the female version of snoop dog is! :)

Forever 23 said...

1. I loved the ricktatorship speech! I DID applaud. lol.

2. I am so happy he is dead too.

3. I gasped when she showed up. My sister told me about her.

4. I do too! I love him sooo much. I dont know about them hooking up, but I do see chemistry, I'm just not sure its romantic chemistry.

5. I still do hate her, but I kind of didn't want her to die, at least not like that.

6. I am a little worried if and when he comes back. Daryl is getting integrated into the group a little more now and if his bro comes back I don't know what that will mean for him joining the group, but it will make for some drama.

7. No comment.

8. I agree. I kind of want her to die.

9. I can't wait either. October is too far.

10. I agree. The whole episode I was hoping he didn't die. He became a favorite after the walkers in the barn died.

I am as obsessed as you are. and hell yes! Team Rick 4eva and Team Daryl 4evaaaah! ♥


Forever 23 said...

As soon as I read this, I started following you!