tonight i rode a horse. 
life is kind of funny sometimes. 
there me & angie were, with nothing to do. 
we drove down to the lake, with nothing better to do. there we ran into two random guys that we had met once or twice before. they weren't considered our friends but we stopped to talk to them anyway. within thirty minutes we were heading out to the desert to have a fire with them. 
truth be told, those boys really sucked at starting fires, and we never got one started. we tried for 45 minutes.
me & angie started to laugh at ourselves, because we were wasting our time with two guys we didn't know trying to start a fire. just as me and angie were about to leave, one of the boys said he owned some horses. 
welp, that was enough to get mine and angie's attention and off we went to his property.
riding horses at midnight is one of the best ideas ever. 

it turned out to be a pretty great night. 
and you know what, we might not have known those guys very well, but we made some new friends tonight.
after we left, this is what one of the guys texted me. 
boy: you know what?
me: what?
boy: your gorgeous :)


bina said...

OH SNAP! Romance is in the air!

P.s your package is on the way haha let me know when you get it. Sorry it took FOREVER!

Lexi Hill said...

I really like this post.

jessica said...

sounds like a win.
boys & horses are my two favorite things :)

ps. bina makes me laugh.