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ive been tagged by the wonderful  carlee!

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here i go. this is me.
when i was a wee child of course. ive grown since then thankfully. 

 11 things
1. i can quote talladega nights word for word, but currently my favorite movie is walk the line.
2. i can name every nascar driver and their number in the sprint cup series. (thats 43)
3. im quite scared of mice. those gross little nappy things. 
4. im addicted to the smell of alcohol prep pads. seriously, its not good for me. 
5. i am not a fan of chinese food, but sometimes i crave the noodles.
6. summer is my favorite season, with fall in second. my entire wardrobe is summer clothes. not kidding.
7. i religiously watch the office & the walking dead
8. ive been to disneyland over fifty times
9. i put cream cheese on wheat thins. its suppaaa good. don't knock it till you try it! 
10. my biggest goal in life is to get married. im terribly afraid it will never happen.
11. i kick ace at zelda & super smash bros. my brother taught me the ways. i love to play nintendo.

11 questions i have to answer from carlee. 

1. what is your very favorite quote?
"whatever you are, be a good one"

2. if you could kiss any actor, who would it be?
christian bale. he is super hot and i'm sure he's wonderful at kissing.

3. if you could only shop one place your entire life, where would it be and why?
probably old navy or H&M or macy's in california. 

4. biggest pet peeve?
i think a shorter list would be "what is not my pet peeve"
i get annoyed so easily. 

5. favorite date you've ever been on, and what did you do?
this is easy. kolton took me four wheeling last summer. we had the whole day by ourselves in the middle of no where in absolutely gorgeous scenery. we rode four wheelers, laughed and tried to catch frogs. i fell asleep on his shoulder on the way home and we ended the night by doing fireworks and me wearing his hoodie. 
or.. when we went to the tim mcgraw concert together. 

6. if you could speak any language besides english, what would it be and why?
french. its a super pretty language and my dream is to go to france with my mom one day.

7. very favorite color right now?
pink or camouflage

8. favorite desert?
i really love shakes from JCW's or cheesecake

9. favorite song/artist?
i really love jason aldean with a passion. i also love george strait, alan jackson, johnny cash, chris ledoux, kenny chesney, tim mcgraw, chris young, justin moore, clay walker & brad paisley. 
whew that was a long list. 

10. have you been in love?
i was in love once. we dated for six months and my parents called it off for us. i planned on marrying him. he introduced me to nascar and the country life. i am forever grateful for him.  

11. you wedding is tomorrow. what are your colors?
different shades of peach, light oranges and light pinks with accents of burlap brown and creme. 
like this. 

my 11 questions for those who are tagged. 
1. what is your favorite ride at disneyland and why?
if you've never been to disneyland name your favorite ride at any amusment park.
2. what is your favorite album from your favorite artist
3. would you rather have no arms or no legs
4. if you had to choose a medical profession, what would you do?
5. what is your favorite season and why?
6. twilight or the hunger games?
7. what is your dads profession
8. what is your favorite kind of ice cream?
9. how do you want to be proposed to?
10. tell me about the person you like right now. 
11. justin bieber, johnny depp, channing tatum.
kill one, kiss one, marry one. 

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have at it. 

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