i have loved this song since the day it came out. its just now getting popular, but its such a great song.  
fun fact about the song springsteen. 
it was mine and kolton's song. it still is our song.
every time i hear it, it brings me right back to the summer i spent with him. every time i hear that song, i think about riding in his truck next to him and spending every day with him. i love this song for so many reasons. 
the chorus of the song goes, 

" when i think about you, i think about seventeen. i think about my old jeep, think about the stars in the sky. funny how a melody, sounds like a memory. like the soundtrack to a july saturday night."

this song fits us perfectly because
 #1 we both met when we were seventeen.
#2 we met in july, and spent every saturday night together. 
#3 we used to spend a lot of time on his front lawn looking at stars.
#4 the lyrics say, "my old jeep" but kolt drives a ford. when we sing this song, we change the lyrics so it says "do you think about my old ford"
it makes the song a lot more personal for us. 

i love music that brings back memories. this album was the soundtrack to our july saturday nights. 

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Shelbie McKae said...

I love this song so much!
Brings back lots of awesome memories, that is for sure!