shakes and stuff

college makes me feel over-whelmed. 
sometimes at night i lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. for hours. 
moving to logan makes me feel like im having a funeral for my own life. 
i can't leave this place. ive lived here for 18 years. 
i cant leave these people. i love them.
i cant leave these memories. they've shaped me to who i am today.
and those are the thoughts that spin in circles in my head every night, over & over again. 

today i ventured out to the town of lehi. one can only guess why i was there. 
who am i joking, everyone knows why i was in lehi. 
i was at kolton's house. 
did i tell you that i hadn't seen kolton in months? today was the first time i had seen him in a while. 
and it was great. 
the poor mister got his wisdom teeth removed from his skull, and i thought it was necessary that i brought him a smoothie. he requested the strawberry banana smoothie from mcdonalds. his wish is my command. he didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch the news. well, he also played some call of duty. but thats alright, he can do that when he has surgery. 

as i was leaving kolt's house, i had my hands on my hips. i walked passed kolton's dad and this was our conversation,
jim: that's how people in relief society stand. are you in relief society?
me: no, i never want to be in relief society.
jim: here, let me see your arms for a minute
so i lift up my arm and he took his hand and flapped (SUCH a gross word) my triceps around. 
ya know, what people call relief society arms?
jim: oh my gosh you've got relief society arms. and he started to laugh at me. 
me: i go to the gym every day and lift weights. 

and then i walked out the door and went home. 
oh, how i love that house. jim was joking by the way. 

anyway, so sue me. i went to lehi to see mister kolton. i hadn't seen him in a while and i missed him. plus, he had gotten surgery and when a friend is in need, i come to the rescue. it was good to see him & catch up. 

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