sledding for days

saturday night was another wild one for the books. me, angie and sage went mudding and decided that it just wasn't thrilling enough. we stopped by my house, picked up some sleds and headed up the canyon. it was midnight by the time we finally arrived to our sledding spot. it wasn't just any little hill, it was the front of the tiblefork dam that was covered in ice. we literally could not see the bottom of the hill and decided maybe that wasn't such a good idea. plus there were tons of trees which could have been bad. we got back in the truck and found somewhere else to sled in the mountains. right as we were getting out, the cops started driving towards us so we threw our sleds in the back of the truck and piled in the truck as fast as we could. we drove down the canyon and the cops followed us all the way down. we went for a drive and found a sledding hill up at suncrest. we had some fun. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. and the snow was so deep, it went above my boots and in turn, my boots were full of snow most of the night. it was cold. 

this is the hill where we couldn't see the bottom.

i tried to sled on a flat surface and ended up biffing it.

sledding in the canyon.

sage's little beast of a truck. 

we've always wanted a picture in the middle of the canyon & we finally got our chance. 

in front of our favorite muddin truck. 

looking over the salt lake valley. 

our hill up at suncrest. 

hiking some more 

after me and angie ate crap. we went down together and it didn't end well. 

angie's face after we went down together. 

it was a wee bit cold. we called it quits after this. 

love them (: 

sagey pulling angie back to the truck. 

angie's face kills me here. don't worry i zoomed it up like 100 % so you could see it.
im sitting on the back of the sled even though you cant see me.

wheeww. that was a funny night. 

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bina said...

Looking over the valley picture is AWESOME! :)