im it! again.

so, i was tagged again by mardi. 
im not going to post the rules because we already know them.

picture of myself. 
oh hi. that's me. 

11 facts about myself. 
1. when people call me hick or redneck or whatever, i take it as a compliment. 
2. i've met matthew lewis from harry potter. AKA neville longbottom.
ive also  met the weasley twins. not joking. 
3. i've been scuba diving in the bahamas. i also spent the week at the atlantis resort. 
4. i cried when jason aldean came on stage at his concert.
 i couldn't even sing his first song because i was so emotional.
5. i want to get married in july. my fiance better plan accordingly. 
6. costa vida is my life blood. i crave it constantly. 
i also love to eat out & hate to cook. 
7. the best trip ive been on was to washington dc.
8. i think i have legit anxiety problems. 
9. ive got more pet peeves than i can count or remember. basically everything annoys me. 
like when people take pictures off tumblr and put them on pinterest.
or when people use hash tags on facebook. #shut up. 
10. i love to drive. i love to go on drives. i love to drive around in the car with no place to go.
drive, drive drive, i love it. 

the 11 questions i am supposed to answer:

1. what is your favorite animal?
i don't really like animals. im allergic to most. 
but i do want a dog and i am going to name it diesel. 

2. who is your hero and why?
jordan huff. he is severely disabled and he doesn't let it hold him back from doing anything. he is more of an example to me than he will ever know. 

3. what is your least favorite food?
peas & licorice. i gag when i smell either of them. 

4. if you had one day to live what would you do?
i would gather all of my closest friends and we would go four wheeling, shooting, hiking or whatever in the mountains. then we would end the day by sitting around a campfire talking and eating s'mores. 

5. if you could morph 2 animals together what would they be?
a pig & cow. cause then i would be able to eat lots of meat. 

6. what is your favorite song?
right now its indian summer by brooks & dunn or
troubadour by george strait. 

7. what is your biggest fear?
chainsaws, mice, getting alzheimers and never getting married.

8. if you could only say one sentence the rest of your life what would it be and why?
be nice to each other. because the world is a mean place and a lot of people have corks up their butts. 

9. what is your favorite number?
88. nascar for days. 

10. what bugs you the most?
haha everything bugs me. some of them are listed above.
stupid people, slow drivers, girls that play dumb on purpose. 
and i know it sounds rude, but i hate when people tell me what to do. 

11. are you a night owl or an early bird?
night owl. the later at night, the more fun it gets. 

the end. 

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