welcome to college

i had a little bit of a melt down a few days ago. me and my mom were heading to the bank and it hit me how broke i am and how outrageously expensive college is. i kinda had a heart attack. its time for miss melia to get a nursing job. college has been on my mind a lot lately. in six short months i am moving out and taking charge of my own life. i am absolutely terrified, but i am also so excited. im ready to take on the challenge. 

today, i registered for my fall classes. i am taking:
american history
creative art & culture
science & nutrition
human development 
USU connections ( a one week class before school starts)

for a total of 15 credits. 
on tuesdays & thursdays my classes start at 9.
on monday, wednesday & friday, my classes start at 9:30.
my latest class ends at 1:50, which leaves me the whole day to do whatever. (study)

and get this, during 2nd semester. i am taking western dancing. IM STOKED! 

three cheers for college and living on your own. 
july 9th, i have student orientation at utah state
on august 20th, this girl is moving out. 

im excited to call this beautiful place my home. 

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