i painted my nails.

true story. 

i got the idea off pinterest. bless that site. 
i used a salmon color for the main coat and a gold as the accent.
the salmon color is called trout pout by butter london. i love this brand.
its super expensive, but i'd splurge on a few good colors. its the best. 
its my first try with this diagonal business, don't judge. 
my fingers are so crooked. 

p.s. i listened to carrie underwood's new cd. 
i have really mixed feelings about it. 
the songs are great, but it doesn't sound country at all, which kind of bugs me. 
i don't understand why they put it under the country genre. oh well. 



im thankful for a lot of things. 
first and foremost, the relationship that has developed between me and my momma over the last few months. me and my mom used to be at each others throats, and for about 5 years we didn't get a long. since the starting of my senior year i've grown so close to her. id rather hang out with her than my friends. i find myself now telling her stories of my teenage years that she never knew about because we weren't close. its awesome.

second, im thankful for miss angela. she is my best friend, and maybe my only true friend i've ever had. we've been best friends for six going on seven years. we've grew up together during the hardest parts of our lives. its hard being an awkward teenager in junior high. but thankfully, we went through it together. its a good thing we had each other in highschool or i would have been totally alone. after this summer, me and angie are parting separate ways for college. im scared to death

and lastly, im thankful for randy madden. the man i met in line for indiana jones at disneyland. he has impacted my life in more ways than i ever thought possible. he has taught me to laugh, to live life to the fullest, and never to judge. it is so weird, that in the most random place, i met the most amazing person. who freaking knew? im glad we still talk and he still makes me laugh. he is so random and full of life, i love it. 

meet randy. 
i just can't even help myself, i laugh so hard.
his slippers and socks kill me. 


favorite day of the week

its friday, that means its time for fill in the blank! 
linking up with lauren @ the little things we do. everyone join! 
this weekend will be full of doing absolutely nothing with a side of boredom.

1.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is, press snooze on my alarm and go back to bed. this cycle continues for about 45 minutes. my snooze button goes off every five minutes. its not healthy.

 I can hardly wait for im not really sure. im looking forward to a lot of things happening but you know im just not in a rush to have them happen. does that make any sense?.

3.  The quickest way to my heart is making me laugh  because my life thrives on laughter. or you could sing to me. that works too  .

4. A little known fact about me is that i hate justin bieber & taylor swift. i didn't know who one direction was until last week and honestly i don't care either.

5. The best part about my job is not having one. i went to 15 different places yesterday and i only ended up with 4 applications. im feeling slightly discouraged right now. i need a CNA job so bad.

6. Something I just couldn't live without is country music and costa vida. true story.

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is  cook, sew, change a tire (although i can change transmission fluid), clean up throwup. for real, im afraid for when my future kids throw up that i wont know what to do. ya know, just every day things that a normal woman should be able to do that i know absolutley nothing about. 


if your squeamish don't look

my best friend is taking a phlebotomy class. i volunteered as tribute. 
i went to her class tonight and let her stick all sorts of sharp metal objects into my skin.
it was actually kind of fun.
there were a few of my other friends there. it was like a big reunion for all of us.
someone mentioned "who let all the rednecks in?" we were wondering the same thing.

"someone hold her hand"
brock: "okay i'll hold her head"

my friend angie is the one that has the blue gloves on. she got my veins every single time, which was awesome. the lady in the green gloves didn't know what she was doing. she had a needle in my wrist and she obviously couldn't find my vein. but she continued to dig around until i started to bleed out of the entry site. she never found the vein and i just sat there and bled for a while. it was real fun.
being in the medical field has really made me get over any fear of needles.



its time for 7 questions! im linking up with gentri. everyone should go to her blog and do this!

1. You are stuck somewhere you really don't want to be, do you- walk home, call a friend, or stick it out?
i stick it out. unless its a really bad situation, i will call my mom or a friend to get me out. i wish i didn't stick it out, its the worst. 

2. Do you like to PLAY sports?
i love to play sports, but i hate to play on actual teams. i will play sports for fun, but i hate school sport teams. im actually really competitive but i find that i complete against myself more than anyone else. i like to go to the gym by myself and work out there. and i really love to watch sports. take me to a sporting event, im all over it. 

3. Everyone has that one "different" song that they secretly love- what's yours?
moulin rouge. hands down my favorite movie. i have the soundtrack on my ipod and sing my heart out every time i put it on. my favorite song is not the usual "elephant love medley" or whatever. roxanne is my favorite song. its so powerful and emotional. and ewin mcgregors voice in this makes my heart stop. 
his singing starts at 1:40. seriously it gives me the chills. 
the end, my goodness i almost stop breathing. 

4. What is one thing you feel you are really good at?
im really good at being sarcastic. im also good at making people laugh, and im pretty good at navigating my way around disneyland. im also super good at eating. but no really, im good at running and im good at baking and im good at being empathetic, for the most part.

5. A dog is running in your direction and barking loudly- what do you do?
depends on the size of the dog. if its little, no big deal. if its a big dog, try to pretend like i didn't just crap my pants. was that too vulgar? excuse me...

6. Star gazing or cloud watching?
star gazing. taking the trucks out west on the other side of the lake in the middle of no where. there are no lights to interfere and its super relaxing. laying in the bed of the truck just looking at the stars. its my favorite. 

7. What time of the day do you feel the most productive?
saturday mornings. i could clean all saturday if i wanted to. any other day of the week i don't really do anything. im a lazy bum. 



hallelujah sweet baby buddah. my internet is fixed and blogger is back. i literally thought i was dying without the internet, but my sweet soul has been saved and blogger is working again. it may have been the most painful week of my life but im over it and life is well again. 

contrary to popular belief, DTF means down to fish. don't go search that one on urban dictionary, kiddos. 
i went fishing today. i got a sunburn. i sang some country tunes. i caught 3 fish. i had some fun. 
fun fact of the day, me and spencer have the same birthday. another fun fact. we met five years ago when i was in 8th grade. we were in the same spanish class and i sat next to him. i thought he was the funniest kid on the planet, and he still is. hes got a sarcastic sassy attitude like me. 

mister cheesy smile. love it. 

he looks so thrilled right? he doesn't like to smile in pictures. 

seriously guys, im so happy. 


im still alive

im sorry i haven't blogged in so long. my internet has been having some stupid issues. hopefully things will be fixed sometime in the next week. so while browsing tumblr, i discovered this blog dedicated to disneyland audio files. i listened to a few of the audio clips and it literally made tears come out of my eyeballs. i spent like an hour on the blog listening to every sound clip from disneyland. i could picture disneyland perfectly. it made me so happy. i sat on the couch and listened to the entire 30 minute show of fantasmic, and sang the whole time.  my momma joined in for some of the fun too. we quoted the creepy man from the haunted mansion. "is this haunted room actually stretching? or is it your imagination, hmm? and consider this dismaying observation, this chamber has no windows and no doors." i don't know if its PMS or what, but that blog was pure magic. since i missed fill in the blank friday, im going to do it today.

1. Today is a great day because,   i cleaned for six hours and had costa vida for dinner.

2. Tomorrow I will    go to church, make cookies and watch the office.

3. My favorite time of day is     night time  because    i love doing stuff on friday and saturday nights.

4. Sometimes you just have to    stay in your pajamas all day and not shower

5. A song that I just can't get enough of lately is    my little cowboy by craig campbell.

6. My favorite accessory is   my boots or a good pair of earings. does nail polish count as an accessory?

7. My favorite thing about this week was   skipping first period and going out to breakfast.

i swear if my internet doesnt get fixed soon i will punch someone in the throat. also, ive been applying for jobs like crazy and ive had no luck. im starting to get a little stressed out. i dont want to be the only kid stuck at home all summer with no job while everyone else is out making money for college. woe is me. in other news, i still talk to the two guys i met in disneyland. will i ever stop talking about disneyland? probably not.

p.s. hello new followers. ive seen a few of you around lately. don't be afraid to speak up.
and when i reach 40 followers maybe ill do a giveaway. yeeeehaw.


my mind.

my mind never shuts off. thoughts always bounce around in my head until i write them down. 

1.i watched two seasons of modern family in one week. well, four days actually. dang proud of it too. one of the greatest shows ever made besides the office. 
2. after meeting randy one week ago, i realized i don't want to live a wasted life. i want to make something of myself and enjoy life a long the way. i don't want to live a dull life. i want adventure and new things. i plan on marrying someone who enjoys adventure and discovering new things. i don't want a close minded husband. i want to marry someone who is free spirited, but also responsible. i hope when i look back on my life im not disappointed. 
3. i have come to realize i value real friendships over having lots of not so great friendships. i'd rather have 3 close best friends than tons of friends. as im getting older im realizing that i don't want to spend time with people who don't really matter to me. 
4. ive come to the conclusion that i really am okay with sitting by myself at home all weekend. im kind of at a time in my life when everyone is going separate ways, and im waiting for my new life to  begin in a few months. sure, going out would be nice. but im not going to complain about watching HGTV with my momma all weekend. anyway, when i leave in a few months the people im really going to miss is my family. i mind as well spend my time with them. 
5. speaking of family, i was never much of a family person. while growing up i heard everyone say that they loved spending time with their family and that family was the most important thing to them. i never understood that. back then i would have chosen my friends over my family. but time has proven to me that friends aren't as good as family. it really wasn't until this year when i actually loved being around my family. i was never that family person who "loved baking with mom." i pitied myself when i had to stay home with family while my friends were out doing fun things. i don't know what happened, i think it was my only sibling leaving on his mission which left me home with my parents, but i've grown a lot closer to my family. maybe its because this year i've spent more weekends at home than i ever have before. either way, i've grown a lot closer with my parents and in all honesty, i love being with them. im glad i pulled my head outta my butt. 
6. i don't want a job this summer. i want to  move to california for the summer and live with my aunt. since i was little ive always gone to california to visit her house. as you can tell, im always blogging about california. i go there a lot. i love hanging out with my younger cousins. they really look up to me, and i love being an example for them. i wish i could just forget my responsibilities for a few months and live with them. i know once i move out, going to california wont be as easy. im going to miss it more than anything. half my childhood was spent in my aunts house.
7. i hate texting. honestly, id rather have a face to face conversation. texting is good for quick messages or stopping by to say hello to someone you haven't talked to in a long time. but for full blown conversations? texting is so lame. i also don't like long phone calls. keep the phone calls short and sweet, and then come talk to my face. 
8. when i retire, i will be working at disneyland. my heart is in disneyland, and always will be. i am going to marry someone who loves disneyland just as much as me. nothing makes me happier than walking under the bridge and seeing mainstreet. reading that sign that says "here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." it sends chills down my spine. oh how i wish to wear a name tag one day that says my name and home town. pleasant grove, represent. 
9. high school blows. people say they miss high school and want to go back. people tell me that i will miss it once i get out. i seriously don't believe them. im not trying to be a snotty teenager either. but i've hated every second of high school and never enjoyed a single day that i had to go. i wont miss it. 

cold day at the beach. 


long story of how i met this guy.

im still on a disneyland high. 
its story time. 
warning. long story. but life changing. 

so there we were, walking towards indiana jones. it was time to return for our fast pass time. we were just walking past the jungle cruise, and that's when i spotted him. "what the heck is that?" i said. the man i spotted could have easily been marilyn manson's twin. from far off i could tell he was one of those guys mom had warned me to stay away from. to our luck, the creepy man was also headed to indiana jones. him and the two other people he was with ended up right in front of us in the fast pass line for the ride. i was scared to death. as i followed him in the line, i could easily spot all his tattoos and piercings. he didn't look friendly one bit. i kept praying that he wouldn't hurt me; he looked like the type. we kept our distance while walking behind him, afraid to get too close. that's when the scary guy stopped walking and said to us "you ladies can pass us, were going to explore indiana's cave." and my suspicions were confirmed. he was a crazy man. 

me and angie started walking fast to pass him. we ended up full on running all the way through the cave and didn't stop running until we reached a stopping point. i prayed that he wouldn't catch up to us. i didn't want him behind us. that's when i turned around and noticed that he had almost caught back up to us. 
i swore in my head. 

when he finally caught up to us again, the line had stopped moving. we were forced to stand there with this creep behind us, not knowing what he would do next. i tried not to move, i didn't want to draw attention to myself. i also didn't want to make eye contact with him, because i didn't want him to start a conversation. and right then he started talking to me. i tried to put on a fake smile and nod my head at what he was saying. he was blabbering about some fast pass business and i honestly wasn't listening. i was more worried that he was going to pull a knife on me. then he said "your not from around here. you have an accent. where are you from?" i told him utah and he told me i sounded like a hick. he told me he liked my nail polish, then he showed me his. he was wearing gold nail polish with black crackle top coat. i was officially creeped out. me and angie tried to ignore him for the rest of the time but he wouldn't shut up. once we were off indiana jones, we never thought about him again

that was until we ran into him again later that evening. this time it was mr toads wild ride. he had bought a new jack sparrow hat and he looked exactly like johnny depp. the eye liner he was wearing had a nice touch. he spotted us in line again and started to make jokes. i realized that this guy might be scary looking, but he was hilarious. we left mr toads wild ride and headed for the teacups. again, leaving this weird but interesting man behind. 

me and angie wanted to go on peter pans flight. as we were walking into fantasy land, guess who we find AGAIN. this time, i wasn't so scared. he recognized us again and he said with a friendly voice "so guys, what ride are we going on next!?" me and angie were confused, but the crazy man and the two others he was with joined us for a ride on peter pan. now if you know anything about disneyland, you know that peter pan has the longest wait time ever. that gave us a whole hour to chit chat with this crazy guy. 
we found out his name was randy. we found out the two people he was with were his brother, and nephew. we found out he lives in LA. we found out that he is a hair dresser and stylist. we found out he rides motorcycles. we found out he is the main singer in a band. and GET THIS! we found out he was on american idol season 8. okay, this guy is famous. we found out that he is the most hilariously gut busting guy on this planet. my cheeks were hurting because i was laughing so hard. he was a comedian, and he had a heart of gold. 

(watch his american idol video. he cries through the whole thing & its sad.)

so turns out, this randy guy is pretty much a bad a**. after peter pan, we decided the fun wasn't over yet. we went on space mountain with them, and to end the night we went and watched captain EO. randy has some freaking good dance moves. randy gave me a hug and we parted our own ways. we are now friends on facebook and talk on a daily basis. he even gave me his number. he wrote on my wall "your a sweetheart" im serious, go look him up on my facebook.

(being stalker-ish and taking a picture of him)

so here is the moral of the story. i was scared out of my dang mind by his appearance. he looked so scary, and i was nervous being around him. i based my opinion off of what he was wearing, and what he looked like. it turns out that he is one of the coolest and most fun guys i have ever met. he is such a sweet and funny guy, and i feel totally bad for juding him in the beginning. i learned a pretty big lesson and gained a pretty awesome friend a long the way. and maybe, just a little bit, i miss that guy i met while waiting in line for indiana jones. 

you can look him up on facebook. randy madden. 


picture overload

disneyland was the best. three days of pure goodness. 
me and angie partied it up in the happiest place on earth like there was no tomorrow. 
we went on indiana jones five times, space mountain six times and splash mountain twice.
we went on every single ride in disneyland & california adventure at least once with time to spare...
we partied pretty hard. it was awesome being on our own for three days. no parents whatsoever!
our on schedule, our own plan. i felt like a grown up. and holy flip! everything in disneyland is so expensive!!
i've got a really good story to tell all of you but that will be saved for later. 
and im tellin ya, its a really good story. life changing almost. 
in the mean time, ill show you some pictures. 
lots of pictures. 

im back

i feel like ive been gone from blogger for about a month. 
i just returned from disneyland, and i had a spectacular time.
i don't have time to blog right now, but pictures and stories are coming soon.
and i do have some good stories. 


disneyland here i come

the time has come. im packing my bags and early tomorrow morning i am headed for the state line. to california, that is. see that little "our disneyland adventure" thing over there? its been there for about fifty days now. luckily, the waiting is almost over. me and my  best friend will be in disneyland come monday morning. and we aren't leaving till late wednesday night. that is three days filled with pure disney magic. i am so ecstatic. just the two of us in disneyland riding rides all day and soaking up the happiest place on earth. after disneyland, we will spend the rest of the week laying out at the beach, shopping, eating, watching movies & hot tubbing. im really looking forward to spring break this year. 
i wish i could explain to you how much i love disneyland. i almost love it more than the mountains... and thats saying something. i don't know when i'll be blogging next, but do know that while im gone i will be having the time of my life. 
p.s. im so excited for splash mountain at night. YAYY! 
lets be real. im excited for it all. 

pictures are from last summers disneyland trip. 

i'll be thinking about y'all while im waiting in line for space mountain and tower of terror. 


twangy stuff

you ever just get in those moods when all you want to do is listen to sad songs?
well good thing country is absolutely perfect for that. 

these have been my favorite three songs of the day. 
Run Out Of Honky Tonks by Justin Moore on Grooveshark
Please Remember Me by Tim McGraw on Grooveshark
More Than Miles by Brantley Gilbert on Grooveshark

bless country music. i love country music so much that sometimes it makes my heart hurt. i'd be so lost without it. its my whole life and gets me through everything. 

funny how life works.

i got my graduation announcements to send out to people. 
first stop?
my ex-boyfriend's mothers house. 
you read that correctly. 
my first graduation announcement went out to my ex-boyfriends sweet mother. 
why? because i love her. 
me and my ex broke up about three years ago... maybe a little less. but over the years i have grown closer to his mom. i don't even talk to my ex anymore, but i find myself going over to his house all the time just to hang out with his mom. 
awkward? not one bit. its awesome. 
i think its funny that i don't speak with my ex, or ever hang out with him, yet im over at his house hanging out and talking with his mom. its the best. im thankful that things aren't so awkward between me and my ex and i am lucky enough to have a relationship with his mom. i mean seriously, who does that? she is like my second mom and she is a friend i will have for the rest of my life. 

life is so weird sometimes. but i love it. 


happy birthday to myself.

my birthday is coming up soon. actually not really, but you know that everyone starts to think about what they want for their birthday months in advance. lets be honest, ive been thinking about my birthday list since the day after christmas. my birthday is june 4th, by the way... im actually not asking for much, because i know that i will need to purchase lots of things for college and that is expensive. here is my list. 

white essie nail polish. i have every color but white. and essie is the greatest. 

a white ipod touch. my purple nano has bit the dust. my poor baby. 

umm... greatest movie of all times. i sing my heart out every time i watch it.
and christian bale is hot. 

i dont think i need to explain. 

a new bed spread to take to college with me. 
this chevron pattern will work for me! 
the bed spread i have now has holes in it... its time for a new one.

i love this movie so much. the beginning makes me cry. 
and the sniper in this movie... such a babe. 

and that about sums it up. my birthday is in a few months... im counting down.