almost nothing gets me as excited as the..
i've got a lot to say about these awards. 

1. blake & reba make such great hosts.
2. did you see my baby jason preform? my heart stopped.
3. atta baby, jason for winning single of the year. "don't you want to stay"
4. blake & miranda make the cutest couple ever!
5. the record of the year should have gone to eric church, not miranda lambert.
eric church has been singing since 2006, with GREAT albums and he has never won a single award. 
i mean really, eric church is one of my favorite atists ever. he deserves a dang award. 
6. eric church sang mine & kolt's song springsteen, so i texted kolton to tell him. 
me- are you watching the acms!?
kolt- (:
me- its our song (:
kolt- i know (:
7. so scotty mccreery won new artist of the year. im sorry, but that award belonged to brantley gilbert. scotty is great and all, but brantley gilbert actually worked his butt off to get where he is. scotty got fame handed over to him when he won american idol. brantley worked to become noticed. and plus, brantleys songs are better than scottys. sorry, but im not sorry. 
8. im so glad miranda lambert won female artist of the year! honestly, im just glad taylor swift didn't win. id throw my remote through the tv if that little snot nosed brat won. 
9. luke bryan & dierks bentley are so hot. so is tim mcgraw. i don't know how that old man
stays in shape so easily. 


Lexi Hill said...

Oh my heck! Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw. If I could marry anyone its a tie between them two and Mr. Scotty mcCreery! Their voices? OH MY SWOOOOON!

and t. swift? I will admit I adore her music but she is soooo not even close to country she doesn't even deserve a seat at the american country music awards! I mean seriously? Thats like letting a cat win an award at a dog show.
Not cool!

p.s those photos..? OH MY GOODNESS! loved this post melia. loved it (:

jessica said...

oh girl. i agree one hundred and ten percent.

(especially about the scotty & brantley thing.)

i really reeeeallly don't like miranda lambert... i've tried. i just can't. blech.

and i <3 eric.
(almost as much as you love jason.)