disneyland here i come

the time has come. im packing my bags and early tomorrow morning i am headed for the state line. to california, that is. see that little "our disneyland adventure" thing over there? its been there for about fifty days now. luckily, the waiting is almost over. me and my  best friend will be in disneyland come monday morning. and we aren't leaving till late wednesday night. that is three days filled with pure disney magic. i am so ecstatic. just the two of us in disneyland riding rides all day and soaking up the happiest place on earth. after disneyland, we will spend the rest of the week laying out at the beach, shopping, eating, watching movies & hot tubbing. im really looking forward to spring break this year. 
i wish i could explain to you how much i love disneyland. i almost love it more than the mountains... and thats saying something. i don't know when i'll be blogging next, but do know that while im gone i will be having the time of my life. 
p.s. im so excited for splash mountain at night. YAYY! 
lets be real. im excited for it all. 

pictures are from last summers disneyland trip. 

i'll be thinking about y'all while im waiting in line for space mountain and tower of terror. 

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