hallelujah sweet baby buddah. my internet is fixed and blogger is back. i literally thought i was dying without the internet, but my sweet soul has been saved and blogger is working again. it may have been the most painful week of my life but im over it and life is well again. 

contrary to popular belief, DTF means down to fish. don't go search that one on urban dictionary, kiddos. 
i went fishing today. i got a sunburn. i sang some country tunes. i caught 3 fish. i had some fun. 
fun fact of the day, me and spencer have the same birthday. another fun fact. we met five years ago when i was in 8th grade. we were in the same spanish class and i sat next to him. i thought he was the funniest kid on the planet, and he still is. hes got a sarcastic sassy attitude like me. 

mister cheesy smile. love it. 

he looks so thrilled right? he doesn't like to smile in pictures. 

seriously guys, im so happy. 

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kelci r said...

yaay! fishing with boys is so fun! looks like you had a great time!