funny how life works.

i got my graduation announcements to send out to people. 
first stop?
my ex-boyfriend's mothers house. 
you read that correctly. 
my first graduation announcement went out to my ex-boyfriends sweet mother. 
why? because i love her. 
me and my ex broke up about three years ago... maybe a little less. but over the years i have grown closer to his mom. i don't even talk to my ex anymore, but i find myself going over to his house all the time just to hang out with his mom. 
awkward? not one bit. its awesome. 
i think its funny that i don't speak with my ex, or ever hang out with him, yet im over at his house hanging out and talking with his mom. its the best. im thankful that things aren't so awkward between me and my ex and i am lucky enough to have a relationship with his mom. i mean seriously, who does that? she is like my second mom and she is a friend i will have for the rest of my life. 

life is so weird sometimes. but i love it. 


missijay said...

uhh hello! I want an announcement girly!

sydnee said...

i'm best friends with everyone in my boyfriend's family.
even when we were broken up i was hanging out with his sisters.
it's normal.

bina said...

Haha I just think this is so funny. I wonder what he thinks about it :)

carlee ellen said...

oh girl. i love this. my ex's mom is still to this day one of my favorite people on this entire planet. i wish i was as fortunate as you though and was able to see her more often!