happy birthday to myself.

my birthday is coming up soon. actually not really, but you know that everyone starts to think about what they want for their birthday months in advance. lets be honest, ive been thinking about my birthday list since the day after christmas. my birthday is june 4th, by the way... im actually not asking for much, because i know that i will need to purchase lots of things for college and that is expensive. here is my list. 

white essie nail polish. i have every color but white. and essie is the greatest. 

a white ipod touch. my purple nano has bit the dust. my poor baby. 

umm... greatest movie of all times. i sing my heart out every time i watch it.
and christian bale is hot. 

i dont think i need to explain. 

a new bed spread to take to college with me. 
this chevron pattern will work for me! 
the bed spread i have now has holes in it... its time for a new one.

i love this movie so much. the beginning makes me cry. 
and the sniper in this movie... such a babe. 

and that about sums it up. my birthday is in a few months... im counting down. 

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