i painted my nails.

true story. 

i got the idea off pinterest. bless that site. 
i used a salmon color for the main coat and a gold as the accent.
the salmon color is called trout pout by butter london. i love this brand.
its super expensive, but i'd splurge on a few good colors. its the best. 
its my first try with this diagonal business, don't judge. 
my fingers are so crooked. 

p.s. i listened to carrie underwood's new cd. 
i have really mixed feelings about it. 
the songs are great, but it doesn't sound country at all, which kind of bugs me. 
i don't understand why they put it under the country genre. oh well. 


kellee jo said...

teach me.

Melia Clegg said...

paint your nails whatever color you want, and let it dry completely. then put a piece of tape on each nail, but make sure its diagonal, and then paint the tips whatever color you want! its really simple. just time consuming.