if your squeamish don't look

my best friend is taking a phlebotomy class. i volunteered as tribute. 
i went to her class tonight and let her stick all sorts of sharp metal objects into my skin.
it was actually kind of fun.
there were a few of my other friends there. it was like a big reunion for all of us.
someone mentioned "who let all the rednecks in?" we were wondering the same thing.

"someone hold her hand"
brock: "okay i'll hold her head"

my friend angie is the one that has the blue gloves on. she got my veins every single time, which was awesome. the lady in the green gloves didn't know what she was doing. she had a needle in my wrist and she obviously couldn't find my vein. but she continued to dig around until i started to bleed out of the entry site. she never found the vein and i just sat there and bled for a while. it was real fun.
being in the medical field has really made me get over any fear of needles.

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