long story of how i met this guy.

im still on a disneyland high. 
its story time. 
warning. long story. but life changing. 

so there we were, walking towards indiana jones. it was time to return for our fast pass time. we were just walking past the jungle cruise, and that's when i spotted him. "what the heck is that?" i said. the man i spotted could have easily been marilyn manson's twin. from far off i could tell he was one of those guys mom had warned me to stay away from. to our luck, the creepy man was also headed to indiana jones. him and the two other people he was with ended up right in front of us in the fast pass line for the ride. i was scared to death. as i followed him in the line, i could easily spot all his tattoos and piercings. he didn't look friendly one bit. i kept praying that he wouldn't hurt me; he looked like the type. we kept our distance while walking behind him, afraid to get too close. that's when the scary guy stopped walking and said to us "you ladies can pass us, were going to explore indiana's cave." and my suspicions were confirmed. he was a crazy man. 

me and angie started walking fast to pass him. we ended up full on running all the way through the cave and didn't stop running until we reached a stopping point. i prayed that he wouldn't catch up to us. i didn't want him behind us. that's when i turned around and noticed that he had almost caught back up to us. 
i swore in my head. 

when he finally caught up to us again, the line had stopped moving. we were forced to stand there with this creep behind us, not knowing what he would do next. i tried not to move, i didn't want to draw attention to myself. i also didn't want to make eye contact with him, because i didn't want him to start a conversation. and right then he started talking to me. i tried to put on a fake smile and nod my head at what he was saying. he was blabbering about some fast pass business and i honestly wasn't listening. i was more worried that he was going to pull a knife on me. then he said "your not from around here. you have an accent. where are you from?" i told him utah and he told me i sounded like a hick. he told me he liked my nail polish, then he showed me his. he was wearing gold nail polish with black crackle top coat. i was officially creeped out. me and angie tried to ignore him for the rest of the time but he wouldn't shut up. once we were off indiana jones, we never thought about him again

that was until we ran into him again later that evening. this time it was mr toads wild ride. he had bought a new jack sparrow hat and he looked exactly like johnny depp. the eye liner he was wearing had a nice touch. he spotted us in line again and started to make jokes. i realized that this guy might be scary looking, but he was hilarious. we left mr toads wild ride and headed for the teacups. again, leaving this weird but interesting man behind. 

me and angie wanted to go on peter pans flight. as we were walking into fantasy land, guess who we find AGAIN. this time, i wasn't so scared. he recognized us again and he said with a friendly voice "so guys, what ride are we going on next!?" me and angie were confused, but the crazy man and the two others he was with joined us for a ride on peter pan. now if you know anything about disneyland, you know that peter pan has the longest wait time ever. that gave us a whole hour to chit chat with this crazy guy. 
we found out his name was randy. we found out the two people he was with were his brother, and nephew. we found out he lives in LA. we found out that he is a hair dresser and stylist. we found out he rides motorcycles. we found out he is the main singer in a band. and GET THIS! we found out he was on american idol season 8. okay, this guy is famous. we found out that he is the most hilariously gut busting guy on this planet. my cheeks were hurting because i was laughing so hard. he was a comedian, and he had a heart of gold. 

(watch his american idol video. he cries through the whole thing & its sad.)

so turns out, this randy guy is pretty much a bad a**. after peter pan, we decided the fun wasn't over yet. we went on space mountain with them, and to end the night we went and watched captain EO. randy has some freaking good dance moves. randy gave me a hug and we parted our own ways. we are now friends on facebook and talk on a daily basis. he even gave me his number. he wrote on my wall "your a sweetheart" im serious, go look him up on my facebook.

(being stalker-ish and taking a picture of him)

so here is the moral of the story. i was scared out of my dang mind by his appearance. he looked so scary, and i was nervous being around him. i based my opinion off of what he was wearing, and what he looked like. it turns out that he is one of the coolest and most fun guys i have ever met. he is such a sweet and funny guy, and i feel totally bad for juding him in the beginning. i learned a pretty big lesson and gained a pretty awesome friend a long the way. and maybe, just a little bit, i miss that guy i met while waiting in line for indiana jones. 

you can look him up on facebook. randy madden. 

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