my mind.

my mind never shuts off. thoughts always bounce around in my head until i write them down. 

1.i watched two seasons of modern family in one week. well, four days actually. dang proud of it too. one of the greatest shows ever made besides the office. 
2. after meeting randy one week ago, i realized i don't want to live a wasted life. i want to make something of myself and enjoy life a long the way. i don't want to live a dull life. i want adventure and new things. i plan on marrying someone who enjoys adventure and discovering new things. i don't want a close minded husband. i want to marry someone who is free spirited, but also responsible. i hope when i look back on my life im not disappointed. 
3. i have come to realize i value real friendships over having lots of not so great friendships. i'd rather have 3 close best friends than tons of friends. as im getting older im realizing that i don't want to spend time with people who don't really matter to me. 
4. ive come to the conclusion that i really am okay with sitting by myself at home all weekend. im kind of at a time in my life when everyone is going separate ways, and im waiting for my new life to  begin in a few months. sure, going out would be nice. but im not going to complain about watching HGTV with my momma all weekend. anyway, when i leave in a few months the people im really going to miss is my family. i mind as well spend my time with them. 
5. speaking of family, i was never much of a family person. while growing up i heard everyone say that they loved spending time with their family and that family was the most important thing to them. i never understood that. back then i would have chosen my friends over my family. but time has proven to me that friends aren't as good as family. it really wasn't until this year when i actually loved being around my family. i was never that family person who "loved baking with mom." i pitied myself when i had to stay home with family while my friends were out doing fun things. i don't know what happened, i think it was my only sibling leaving on his mission which left me home with my parents, but i've grown a lot closer to my family. maybe its because this year i've spent more weekends at home than i ever have before. either way, i've grown a lot closer with my parents and in all honesty, i love being with them. im glad i pulled my head outta my butt. 
6. i don't want a job this summer. i want to  move to california for the summer and live with my aunt. since i was little ive always gone to california to visit her house. as you can tell, im always blogging about california. i go there a lot. i love hanging out with my younger cousins. they really look up to me, and i love being an example for them. i wish i could just forget my responsibilities for a few months and live with them. i know once i move out, going to california wont be as easy. im going to miss it more than anything. half my childhood was spent in my aunts house.
7. i hate texting. honestly, id rather have a face to face conversation. texting is good for quick messages or stopping by to say hello to someone you haven't talked to in a long time. but for full blown conversations? texting is so lame. i also don't like long phone calls. keep the phone calls short and sweet, and then come talk to my face. 
8. when i retire, i will be working at disneyland. my heart is in disneyland, and always will be. i am going to marry someone who loves disneyland just as much as me. nothing makes me happier than walking under the bridge and seeing mainstreet. reading that sign that says "here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." it sends chills down my spine. oh how i wish to wear a name tag one day that says my name and home town. pleasant grove, represent. 
9. high school blows. people say they miss high school and want to go back. people tell me that i will miss it once i get out. i seriously don't believe them. im not trying to be a snotty teenager either. but i've hated every second of high school and never enjoyed a single day that i had to go. i wont miss it. 

cold day at the beach. 

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bina said...

You don't really miss high school you miss what was simple about high school and your friends. I HATED high school, seriously I didn't even consider myself in high school. I don't miss it at all like everyone says just miss the times when things were simple and not a lot expected of you :)