picture overload

disneyland was the best. three days of pure goodness. 
me and angie partied it up in the happiest place on earth like there was no tomorrow. 
we went on indiana jones five times, space mountain six times and splash mountain twice.
we went on every single ride in disneyland & california adventure at least once with time to spare...
we partied pretty hard. it was awesome being on our own for three days. no parents whatsoever!
our on schedule, our own plan. i felt like a grown up. and holy flip! everything in disneyland is so expensive!!
i've got a really good story to tell all of you but that will be saved for later. 
and im tellin ya, its a really good story. life changing almost. 
in the mean time, ill show you some pictures. 
lots of pictures. 

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Lexi Hill said...

Oh melia! I am so beyond jealous of you right now. I haven't been to disney land in soooo long! (It's actually only been a year. But it feels like 200000!) I'm having withdrawals.