its time for 7 questions! im linking up with gentri. everyone should go to her blog and do this!

1. You are stuck somewhere you really don't want to be, do you- walk home, call a friend, or stick it out?
i stick it out. unless its a really bad situation, i will call my mom or a friend to get me out. i wish i didn't stick it out, its the worst. 

2. Do you like to PLAY sports?
i love to play sports, but i hate to play on actual teams. i will play sports for fun, but i hate school sport teams. im actually really competitive but i find that i complete against myself more than anyone else. i like to go to the gym by myself and work out there. and i really love to watch sports. take me to a sporting event, im all over it. 

3. Everyone has that one "different" song that they secretly love- what's yours?
moulin rouge. hands down my favorite movie. i have the soundtrack on my ipod and sing my heart out every time i put it on. my favorite song is not the usual "elephant love medley" or whatever. roxanne is my favorite song. its so powerful and emotional. and ewin mcgregors voice in this makes my heart stop. 
his singing starts at 1:40. seriously it gives me the chills. 
the end, my goodness i almost stop breathing. 

4. What is one thing you feel you are really good at?
im really good at being sarcastic. im also good at making people laugh, and im pretty good at navigating my way around disneyland. im also super good at eating. but no really, im good at running and im good at baking and im good at being empathetic, for the most part.

5. A dog is running in your direction and barking loudly- what do you do?
depends on the size of the dog. if its little, no big deal. if its a big dog, try to pretend like i didn't just crap my pants. was that too vulgar? excuse me...

6. Star gazing or cloud watching?
star gazing. taking the trucks out west on the other side of the lake in the middle of no where. there are no lights to interfere and its super relaxing. laying in the bed of the truck just looking at the stars. its my favorite. 

7. What time of the day do you feel the most productive?
saturday mornings. i could clean all saturday if i wanted to. any other day of the week i don't really do anything. im a lazy bum. 


Emily Hope said...

You're really good at a lot of things. Though I am impressed that you are good at navigating Disney - I suppose that is a useful skill?!

Also I read another blogger write a story about a little white dog biting her on the leg - and it swelled up and she had to visit the hospital twice. lady - you should be running from that little dog too.

Gentri said...

So many talents you have!! :) Love it. And I LOVE the music from Moulin Rouge! I need to watch that. it's been years!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Moulin Rouge! I am so glad I found your cute blog on Gentri Lee...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
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