sunday ramblings

i was talking to my mother, or as i like to call her, elissa. i call my parents by their real names, and usually they tell me to shut up. that's just how our relationship goes and i love it. my parents are the bomb. i mean who else's parents would let their 17 year old daughter go to disneyland for three days by herself and her best friend? that's what i thought. anyway, today my mom was talking about her friend who works at the deseret book store. the topic of stealing from the store got brought up. you'll never guess what item is most commonly stolen from deseret book. the CTR rings. 

oh the irony. i am a mormon, but sometimes they are the biggest hypocrites in the world. 
oh that made my day.  

so i went to a movie last night with kolton & zach (21 jumpstreet, if you must know. i peed my pants) and i got home at like 1:30 in the morning.
when i got on tumblr and saw this picture, i seriously laughed for about five minutes. 
the later it gets at night, the more i laugh. 

p.s. look at this tall drink of water.
mmmm. i want to kiss him. 
i love me some jake owen. the end. 

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