im thankful for a lot of things. 
first and foremost, the relationship that has developed between me and my momma over the last few months. me and my mom used to be at each others throats, and for about 5 years we didn't get a long. since the starting of my senior year i've grown so close to her. id rather hang out with her than my friends. i find myself now telling her stories of my teenage years that she never knew about because we weren't close. its awesome.

second, im thankful for miss angela. she is my best friend, and maybe my only true friend i've ever had. we've been best friends for six going on seven years. we've grew up together during the hardest parts of our lives. its hard being an awkward teenager in junior high. but thankfully, we went through it together. its a good thing we had each other in highschool or i would have been totally alone. after this summer, me and angie are parting separate ways for college. im scared to death

and lastly, im thankful for randy madden. the man i met in line for indiana jones at disneyland. he has impacted my life in more ways than i ever thought possible. he has taught me to laugh, to live life to the fullest, and never to judge. it is so weird, that in the most random place, i met the most amazing person. who freaking knew? im glad we still talk and he still makes me laugh. he is so random and full of life, i love it. 

meet randy. 
i just can't even help myself, i laugh so hard.
his slippers and socks kill me. 

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Batash said...

I never got to comment on the Randy story, but I absolutely loved it. I think that was a very important lesson to learn and it was beautifully put/written.