happy hump day. 
its time for.... (drum roll)

i'll start with a funny picture. 
this is me playing tennis. 

1. You just invented the next big thing! What is it called and what does it do?
i don't know. im not very creative. i have the imagination of a rock. 

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
both. depends on who or what it is. 

if i like you, im a lover.
if i don't like you, im a fighter. 

3. It's almost mothers day- if you could tell your mom anything, what would it be?
im sorry for the four years i waisted. im sorry for holding that grudge. i waisted four years that we could have had together and i can never get them back. 

4. Do you like your hair curly, wavy, or straight?
i love it curly but unfortunately my hair doesn't stay in curls for very long, so its usually straight. i get bored of it really quickly, but oh well. 

5. If it was your last day to live, what would you do?
i'd go to disneyland in a heart beat. not kidding. i just spent two hours sitting on the back porch talking about disneyland. for two hours. i love nothing more than disneyland. 

6. What color are your eyes? Do you like the color?
they are blue. and i love them. usually people with brown hair have brown eyes, but i got blue. and i love them. even though sometimes i wish i could have green or something. 

7. Fish, beef, poultry, wild game, or tofu?
i love meat. but uh, fish tastes the the dump so i'd choose beef. i eat a lot of steak around here. i honestly hate sea food so much. 

i am starting a disneyland fund. i need $226 by june 2nd. 
help a blogger out. 

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