bits of happiness

things that make me happy this week:

+ receiving a silver tassel to wear during graduation. 3.76 accumulative GPA baby! 
+ eating my first pb&j sandwich in years
+ crisp apples. not those gross red mushy ones. 
+ talking for two solid hours about disneyland
+ working outside with my mom
+long talks with john (randy's brother)
+ playing phase 10
+ skipping first period
+ the fact that i just bought this baby for $4.00 off amazon. 

why yes, that is a lightning mcqueen lanyard.
cars is my favorite movie. 

+ i graduate in a few weeks
+ i get to talk to my brother on sunday (big deal around here)
+ im all done with chemistry core testing (HALLELUJAH)
+ i bought towels for my apartment
+ my birthday is in a few short weeks
+ all my family is coming to visit for my graduation, which is a big deal.

this sound clip made me the happiest out of everything though. 
true story, i cried while listening to it and got crazy chills. 
any disney fans out there would understand.
this brings me pure joy. i wish you all understood how much i love disneyland. 

Soarin' (Soarin' Over California) by Soarin' Over California on Grooveshark

if you have ever been on soarin' over california, you gotta listen to this. 

oh, life is good. 

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