life has been so crazy lately. i feel like im going non stop. i haven't had a quiet moment to myself all week. 
last night felt like the real first night of summer. jumping on the tramp, going for motorcycle rides, completed by sitting on the driveway talking until late hours of the night. that is what summer is all about. i love just sitting and talking with friends while listening to the crickets. so relaxing. last night shannon & abram were trying to teach me how to heel click for a good 20 minutes. for 18 years i have never been able to heel click, and last night proved unsuccessful. the only thing i got from last night was a huge painful burn. watch out for those motorcycles, they'll get ya when you least expect it.
that abram is too much to handle. he took me for a ride on his motorcycle around the block and i acquired a real nasty burn. when it was time to go home, abram gave me a ride home on his motorcycle all the way from american fork. riding down state street on a bike is exciting. don't worry kiddos, he gave me his helmet to wear.  

sometimes i think i party a little too hard. 


i bandaged myself up like a good nurse should.
this was around midnight so the bandaging job looks pretty awful.

typical night with these two. 

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