i feel like i am lucky to be alive. i witnessed one of the biggest car accidents i have ever seen. it included 3 cars, two of which were huge lifted chevy silverado trucks. i literally almost peed my pants. i honestly have never been so scared in my life. i am so lucky to be here right now. i came so close to being smashed by a giant truck. 

i was at an intersection in the left turning lane. i was pulled out into the middle of the intersection because the light was green. the red car, was also turning left in the opposite direction. the red car was also pulled out into the intersection. seemingly fine. then i noticed the purple truck who was drifting into the turning lane. the guy driving the truck must have been texting and started to drift. anyway, i thought the purple truck was coming straight for me until the last second, when the purple truck hit the back of the red car. & this is where i crapped myself. tons of debris came flying towards my car. this includes glass, bumpers, two tires and who knows what else. everything seemed to happen in slow motion. from the force of the purple truck hitting into the red car, they started to slide right towards my car. AT THE LAST SECOND, let me repeat, LAST SECOND, the truck and red car for some reason turned away from my car. i don't know what made the cars turn, but they did. unfortunately, when the two cars slid across the intersection, they ran into another truck who was driving through the intersection at the wrong time. the purple truck & red car slid into the green truck that was passing by.
p.s. those aren't really the colors of the cars or trucks. i just made them that color so it was easy to keep track of. the two trucks were actually the same gold color so it got confusing. 

i sat there for a few seconds and tried to process what had just happened. i couldn't believe what had just took place right in front of me. it all happened in slow motion and i was bracing myself for one of the vehicles to hit me, because you know, i was right in the middle of the damn thing. it amazes me that i didn't get hit. the thing that scares me most is that if the purple truck would have gone straight into my car, i would have gone underneath his truck. i was in a little car and he was in a huge lifted truck. i would have been under the truck. thankfully the two vehicles turned at the last moment. 

the strange thing is, when i pulled out into the intersection to make my turn before any of this happened, i got this strong feeling that basically said "don't pull out any further." so i stayed put. i am confident that if i pulled out further, i would have been hit and probably seriously hurt. i am pretty blessed. 

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Batash said...

Wow, that is so scary! I'm glad that you are okay! You definitely had someone lookin' out for you today!