fires and stuff

first & foremost, happy  mothers day to momma clegg. 
i don't know why i got blessed with such an amazing mom, but i am thankful. 
the big man upstairs knew that i needed a mom with lots of patience & determination.
my momma is my biggest hero & i love her. 

last night was an interesting one. i hung out with the twins again and some other people. we couldn't decide what to do, so we bought some stuff for s'mores and had started a fire in the twin's backyard. jayce, being the genius individual that he is, poured gasoline into the fire pit so the fire would light easier. it turns out mister jayce poured a lot more gasoline on the fire than he thought. when jayce lit the fire, the biggest explosion i have ever seen took place. it was almost catastrophic. the explosion was so big, that the flames reached the nearby gas can. the gas can lit on fire and that's when i saw my life flash before my eyes. you see, we were having a fire on a backyard patio. the patio was enclosed by a fence. we were on a small piece of concrete with no where to run because the fence was blocking us all in. so there i was, crammed in the furthest corner, watching everything move in slow motion. i saw the fire explode, and i have never moved so quick in my entire life. from that point, i saw the gas can light on fire and i literally saw my friend covered in flames. its scary watching your friend on fire. i stood there in the corner thinking my life was over. the gas can was on fire and it was only seconds until that thing exploded.. nic, being the brave hero he is, jumped as fast as he could and put out the flames on the gas can before they could reach the actual fuel. now im sure the sequence of events only lasted about 10 seconds, but it felt like forever. we ran inside after to inventory the damage on jayce. all i can say is it stunk. the smell of burning hair is not very pleasant. jayce singed all the hair off his arms, legs & most of his face. we were so lucky that it wasn't worse than it actually was. we all could have been in the hospital right now and been seriously hurt. thankfully hair grows back & no one was seriously burned. but wow, that was a night to remember. 
oh & also got a guy's number. its whatever. 
i'll tell ya, sometimes my life is too much to handle. 

on a happier thought, i had a lot of great conversations this weekend with some of my favorite people. late night texting is probably my favorite thing ever, because that's when people are most honest. i really enjoyed talking to some of my good friends until 2 in the morning. 
speaking of talking to people, im off to call my brother in bolivia. 

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