blogging is the last thing on my mind right now. there is so much going on. like i said, ive been pretty busy lately. my house is full of guests right now. my extended family has been slowly trickling to my house for a visit. everyone is coming into town for my graduation. the house is full, and loud. the only place i can find quiet is on the floor of my brothers old room. 

saturday afternoon i went to the airport to pick up some family. once we picked them up, we headed straight over to the new city creek center in salt lake. wow, is all i have to say. it was so pretty! we shopped for almost seven hours, with a lunch break at the cheesecake factory. i'd love to go back again! 

today, i spent six hours driving all around utah to put flowers on my relatives graves. SIX HOURS. i drove through so many little towns. there is something about small towns that i love so much. i want to live in a small town  one day. after six hours of driving we had worked up a pretty big appetite, so we went to eat at cracker barrel. i love that restaurant. 

i look awful, but look at this cute graduation present i got. 
my whole family is just as obsessed with disneyland as i am, im tellin ya. 

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Batash said...

Oh Manti... I so wish I lived there, or around there.