im seriously loosing it. 
i've dropped to a new low. only surviving on corn dogs & waffle crisp. 
the gym is a thing of the past. i haven't been for weeks.
i feel like a hermit. 
i sit in this house, 7 days a week. never leaving unless its for school.
i sit in this house all weekend while i watch the world go by.
i lay on this couch like a dead person, not moving unless i need food.
im literally going crazy. i beg my mother to give me chores to do, so i can maintain brain function.
i feel like my life has been temporarily been put on hold. im closing this chapter of my life and just waiting for the next big one to open. everyone has parted their own ways with jobs, school, boyfriends, etc. while i sit here alone waiting until august 18th waiting for my big break to happen. 
i hear a lot of fellow students complain that they are too busy, well please captain, sign me up. i need something to keep me busy this summer or i am going to jump off a cliff. 

this made me happy today. 

what i wouldn't freaking give to be back in disneyland with him & angie. 


Jessica Hutcheson said...

yeah i know how you feel.. i think maybe i should get a real job to pass the time.

bina said...

Welcome to my life..