it was all yellow

im a country music junkie, through & through. but one non-country band i will always love is coldplay. i grew up listening to coldplay. ever since i can remember, my daddy has always played coldplay. i remember all the way back to the first album, parachutes. every single road trip we ever went on my dad would play coldplay. every.single.time. to this day, he still plays coldplay on every road trip we go on. i have every song, note and melody ingrained into my brain. my favorite memory of my daddy has to do with coldplay. one late night, we were driving down to st. george, just the two of us. we were in the middle of nowhere, the only car on the long road. i had my face pressed against the window looking at all the amazing stars. without any city lights interfering, everything is a lot more visible. my dad was of course listening to coldplay, when the song yellow came on. my dad opened up the sun roof, and i laid my chair all the way back. i looked out the sun roof and gazed at the millions of stars while yellow was playing through the speakers. it was so long ago, but i still remember the feeling i had. me and dad declared the song yellow as our song. i am going to dance with him to the acoustic version at my wedding some day. 
this song makes me so happy and always reminds me of how awesome my daddy is. 

Yellow by Coldplay on Grooveshark
Yellow (Acoustic) by Coldplay on Grooveshark

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