i am busy. 
within the next week my life is going to change a lot. im graduating on tuesday. its kind of a big deal. 
on june 4th, i turn 18. 
in august, i move to a whole new town. 
there are a lot of big changes coming up in a short amount of time. its really overwhelming. i'd be lying if i said that college wasn't on my mind all the time. because it is. thoughts about college, school, and this new phase of life are circling through my mind constantly. it stresses me out.
i can't believe im graduating. i can't really find the words to describe the way i feel. i guess reality hasn't really hit me yet. 
im scared, im excited, im nervous, im happy. 
i think im ready for change though. i've just about worn this ol' town out. i'm ready for some new faces and new adventures. i've out grown this town and i feel like there is nothing left here for me. 
i feel like im beating a dead horse sometimes. 
i am ready to move. 

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