that is some real nasty crap. 
here is my advice, don't ride motorcycles. 
good thing that stuff like this fascinates me. 
for a while there i thought i had a staff infection. avoided that one like a champ. 

so im feeling pretty thankful right now. 
i have one older brother, who is currently living in south america. i graduate in one week and unfortunately my big  brother won't be at my graduation. he is my only sibling and its going to be kind of sad not having him here. on another note, i have a super small extended family. i have 8 cousins total and only a handful of aunts and uncles. none of my extended family lives near me. they all live in either st. george, nevada or california. i am feeling thankful because all of my extended family is sacrificing their time and money to travel up here so they can come to my graduation. it makes me feel pretty dang special. 

+ my aunt and two younger cousins on my moms side are FLYING here from california just so they can be here for my graduation. they will be missing the last few days of their school, so they can support me. plus, that is a lot of money for only a 2 day trip to utah. 
+ my grandma is driving 14 hours from california to be here for my graduation and 18th birthday. not only is that a long drive, she is old and im sure driving 14 hours is the last thing she wants to do.
+ my grandma & grandpa are driving up from st. george. a four hour drive. now keep in mind my grandparents are in their 90's and their health isn't that great. another sacrifice they are making for me. not to mention they just sent me a check for $1,000. don't worry i pretty much cried when i opened it. 
+ my uncle is taking off work from his pharmacy and driving up here with his wife. not only is he losing money by not working, he is paying for a hotel.
+ my cousin is taking off work and school at the U to come to my graduation.
+ my cousin and her 2 kids are coming out from eagle mountain to come to my graduation. her kids will be missing school to come. 

i am so blessed. even though my brother wont be there, all my extended family stepped in. i am so thankful for all the sacrifices they are making of time, money & work. i must say, i've got a pretty amazing family. i am so thankful for their support and love. 

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disagree on the motorcycle comment