phase 10

what a weekend. i went to youth conference. i'll be completely honest, it was the last place on earth i wanted to be. i tried every trick in the book to get out of going. it turns out im really glad i went. 

i was surrounded with my favorite people and the most beautiful view. i got to spend two days with my second dad, whom i learn so much from every time im around him. i played phase 10 until two in the morning with a bunch of adults that were up way past their bedtime. i went on a four mile hike and loved every step of it. i had one of the most inspiring and deepest conversations i have ever had in my entire life. 
i truly found happiness for two days. 

oh. stay away from those crystal light energy packets. i drank one and almost had a seizure. the amount of caffeine in that packet was earth shattering. now remember that i haven't drank caffeine in almost a year and then this morning i drank 100mg of caffeine. i thought my heart was going to explode. 

here, enjoy some high quality photos i took from my phone. 

this was the view from my room. incredible. 

p.s. if you haven't played phase 10, your really missing out. 

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