phlebotomy round 2

i went to angie's phlebotomy class for the second time last night. 
it was a real treat. 
i got one shot in my hand, and two IV's.
one IV in my hand, and the other in my arm.
angie hit nerves on both of my IVs. pretty sure my arms were numb for a good five minutes. i wouldn't say it was the most pleasant feeling. also, the kid sitting right next to me passed out while he was getting an IV! it really freaked me out, because i was next in line to get an IV. it was really weird watching him pass out, almost like it happened in slow motion. it was kind of funny though. im sorry, i laugh when people get hurt. its a problem of mine. like at the office when little kids get shots and start to scream, i laugh. im laughing right now. anyway enjoy some pictures. 

i think its safe to say i don't have a fear of needles. 

there is the kid passed out on the floor 

this one hurt 

size of the catheter that was in my arm 

now go eat some lunch (: 


Forever 23 said...

Did anyone help the kid that passed out? Lol. It looks like no one even noticed.

Melia Clegg said...

yeah there was an phlebotomy instructor standing right by him when he passed out! he was sitting in a chair when it happened and then the instructor moved him to the floor to lay down.