puppies & fires

last night i hung out with my two favorite guys on the earth. kolton & zach. nobody makes me happier than those two, and im glad i can call them my friends. we went up the canyon and had a fire. it was wonderful. we sat around the fire and ate s'mores, while kolton told all of his scary ghost stories. being the smart kids we are, we didn't bring anything to put out the fire. we did our best to put it out and went for a drive through the canyon. on our way back down, we passed our campsite. of course, the firepit we were using had a roaring fire going in it. we obviously didn't do a very good job of putting it out. we scooped up handfuls of dirt and threw it over the fire. we made sure the fire was out and we left. i woke up this morning and looked out my window to make sure the forest hadn't caught on fire. 
we stopped at koltons house last night to pick up some wood and camp chairs. we walked inside and mister kolton forgot to mention to me that his dog had puppies. PUPPIES. there was about five puppies laying on the ground curled up in little balls of fur. my heart melted right then and there. i picked one up and i literally thought i was going to cry from the cuteness. i could have stayed there all night and held the puppies. they were so adorable. 

overall, it was a great night.

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