riding donkeys

it's story time. 

i met this guy on saturday night and we exchanged numbers and i didn't think much about it. he seemed like a pretty cool guy and i was looking for some new people to hang out with. perfect! me and this kid have been texting since saturday night non stop. 

last night he wanted to hang out with me, and i agreed. when he picked me up, he actually came to my door instead of honking. score. we went night fishing down at utah lake. i went with him and the twins. even though we didn't catch crap, it was still so much fun. this kid had me laughing the entire time. i felt so at home, singing to all the country music. i even climbed into the truck through his side. oh maybe i forgot to mention this kid is a total hick? boots, buckle & all. so anyway, we got sick of fishing real quick because we weren't catching anything. the guy i was with had this bright idea to go to his property. i agreed, not knowing what i was getting myself into. apparently there was a donkey at his property that everyone loved to ride. the boys told me i had to ride it, and i was up for the challenge. i climbed over the gate, and tucked my jeans into my boots. i meant business. there was a minature donkey just hanging out in the corner. the boys told me what to do, and we cornered the donkey so i could hop on. i swung a leg over real quick and grabbed on for dear life. the second i got on, the donkey started running. it was the funniest thing i have ever done.
 riding bare back donkeys is something i'll always remember.
 i wish i could have gotten pictures! 

i'll be hanging out with this guy more often. 

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