on friday night i actually went out with friends, SHOCKING, i know. it was the first time in i had been out on a friday night in a long, long time. me and shannon were going to hang out with our good friends jayce & nic. they are identical twins. when i found out we were going to be hanging out with the twins i said to shannon, "i don't want to do anything illegal tonight." its always trouble with those two boys. we went to dinner first, and then nic had this brilliant idea to go crawl around in these tunnels underneath an elementary school. i about needed a new pair of underwear because it was so scary down there. nic & jayce thought it was super funny to turn the flashlights off while we were down there. i didn't think it was funny. i was glad to get out of there. after creeping around in the tunnels, we went and visited the famous "doxey's chair" in alpine. supposedly its haunted but i don't buy that crap. we drove around a little while longer laughing our heads off and finally found our way towards squaw peak. but not before jayce spit his sprite all over nic's new leather seats. and i mean spit, not spilled. he was in the middle of taking a sip when someone made him laugh super hard and sprite went all over nic's new car. 

it was a good night. 

sometimes these twins are too much to handle. 

nope, thats not rain. thats sprite all over the window.
& jayce in the back ground getting paper towels to clean up his mess.

squaw peak. 

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