i can't really explain to you how amazing randy madden is. i cant explain the impact he has had on my life. i cant tell you the numerous lessons he has taught me, or the things he has shared with me that have changed me in one way or another. he has touched my life in so many ways and i am so thankful for him. it is such an honor to be able to call him my friend and talk to him almost daily. he is so passionate with everything he does, and it blows me away. he is so down to earth and i am constantly learning from his example. meeting randy was one of the greatest moments of my life and it is such privilege to learn from him. watch this video. he has been working on it for a long time. he is so talented and passionate about what he does and it makes me happy to see him succeed. 

meeting him in line for indiana jones at disneyland not only taught me the greatest lesson i have ever learned, it gave me the best friend and mentor i could ask for. thanks randy, your the best. 


im back

i am home from camping. i had like 43289438 posts to catch up on. you should be proud, i read every one.
camping was a good time. i ate about a pound and a half of beef jerky and a whole bag of tootsie rolls. probably my two favorite foods. i managed to spend most my time sitting in a camping chair and successfully wore my cowboy boots for five days straight. last night it snowed ash. it kind of causes problems when there are six wildfires burning in utah. i was sitting at camp and noticed white flakes falling from the sky. it was weird. anyway, spending five days in the mountains with my most favorite people ever made me really happy. 
i know its not wednesday, but im going to do 7 questions anyway. its been a while. 

thats me and angie on space mountain. 

1. If you could be any princess- which would you be and why?
probably sleeping beauty. she is pretty cool. 
definitely not snow white though because that movie scares me. 
i still close my eyes and plug my ears on the ride at disneyland. such a scary ride. 

2. Do you have any odd habits? (do things in order, words that you say too often, etc)
my food cant touch each other. sicknasty! every time i hear a diesel engine i will turn my head to check out the truck. i do this automatically and if im in the middle of talking i will stop talking to look. im such an idiot. and, i always get dressed before i straighten my hair. 

3. What's your "go to" outfit?
shorts, white shirt and sandals.

4. Do you have any siblings? What are their genders, ages, order of age, names, etc?
i have one older brother. he is 20 and his name is palmer. palmer was my moms maiden name. why my mom named him that? i have no idea. i haven't seen my brother in 18 months though because currently he is living in south america serving a mission for my church. 

5. What's your favorite precious stone?
i am not into that stuff at all. 
but one day it will be the diamond my future husband buys me ;) 

6. If you had a check in your hand for 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?
first i'd pay for my schooling & tuition. i'd buy me a truck and then i would buy a seasons pass to disneyland for me and all my family members.

then i would put the rest in savings. 

7. What do you love most about yourself- physically (eyes, smile, hair, etc. I don't know a good way to word that question...) 
i've got some pretty nice legs i hear. but i do have long legs and i guess thats pretty nice. 



i'm going camping for a whole week. 
except its not really camping because i'll be in a cabin.
and its not really a vacation because its girls camp. 

but, i don't plan on moving my butt out of my camping chair the entire week. 
i've got my sunflower seeds, beef jerky, and boots. i think im set. 
i'll be surrounded by mountains and trees and dirt for five days, so i think i'll be okay. 
no service & a campfire? what i like to call heaven. 

EXCEPT i wont have anywhere to go camping if all of my mountains keep catching on fire. 
one wildfire gets put out, another one is started. 

see you on friday. 

end of the week.

i went to the rodeo on friday night with my best friend. 
anyone that lives in this area and goes to the rodeo, do you guys know that fat guy that the rodeo announcers call larry, or junior? the big guy that stands on the top row of the bleachers and dances and takes off his shirt? yeah him... 
that's my ex-boyfriend. thought i'd get that out there. 
good thing were still friends or else i'd be super embarrassed about the whole thing. 

strawberry days is over and so is my life. 


rodeo round two

i went to the rodeo. i wouldn't say it exceeded all my wildest expectations but it was still fun. 
tonight im going for the 2nd time. it should be better than wednesday. im super excited. 
after the rodeo i'm going to a fire up in the mountains. yeeehawww. 

those pictures of that hot guy in the blue shirt? im such a creeper. five points to anyone who can guess who that is. haha im such a freak. 


best week ever.

i live for this week.
its a week full of summer fun that my city puts together every june. its famous throughout the entire state of utah, not just for the spectacular strawberries & cream, but because of the even more famous rodeo. 
every night during strawberry days the entire community gathers at the rodeo grounds for the ever-lovin' rodeo. the people around here consider this week a holiday, and it brings the entire community together for one week out of the entire year. my family plans our summer vacations around this week, because it is such a tradition. my church plans girls camp around this week, because its a sin to miss this week. my whole life is planned around strawberry days. i day dream about the rodeo all year, imaging who i'll go with and how much fun i'll have. and now its finally here. tonight is the first night of the rodeo. 
when i walk through that white ticket booth, i know i'm home.
i'll look through the crowd and i'll spot old faces. i'll see people that i've gone to the rodeo with in the past. i'll see my ex boyfriends, i'll see boys i've kissed. i'll see my ex boyfriend who is practically considered a rodeo celebrity. (junior, for all you pleasant grove natives. the fat guy that dances every year)
everyone comes together for one thing, the all american rodeo. 
tonight, i'm going with my two favorite cowboys, kolton & zach. i wouldn't have it any other way. 
bring on the strawberries & cream. i'm ready for tonight. i've only waited a whole year.



i've been doing a lot of shopping lately. unfortunately, it hasn't been for clothes. i've been shopping for things for college and my new apartment. which i must say, is still equally as amusing as shopping for clothes. its so much fun to purchase new things for my little kitchen i will have. owning a can opener and laundry detergent has never been so exciting.

things have gotten out of control though. i could hardly walk into my room anymore because things were everywhere. 
so i did what i do best, organize. 



i have 61 more days until i move out. 
i know who 5 of my roommates are. the other 2 don't have facebook and no one can get a hold of them. 
lucky for me, my actual roommate is one of the ones that no one can get a hold of. that means i get to meet my roommate on move in day... i can't tell you how excited i am. (sarcasm)

life is moving fast. 
i had a dream that i made out with jake owen last night & it was fantastic. 


we got a winner

i could cry. 
in fact i have tears in my eyes. 
my driver, dale earnhardt jr, won the race today. 
atta boy june bug. im so proud.
after 4 years, his dry spell is over. junior is back in business. 
finally put his 143-race winless streak to an end. 

earnhardt nation! and yes, i'm still a nascar fan. 
this calls for celebrating. 

you have no idea how bad i've wanted this. 
hell to the yeah. 


hey there

hello bloggers.
life is good.
except this blog is super ugly and i don't know how to fix it. someone help.

i've been doing a lot of college shopping. i can hardly walk in my room anymore because its full of stuff for my apartment. its creeping closer, im tellin ya. i've been talking to my roommates.... we'll leave it at that.

i've also bought a lot of unnecessary things, like this shirt.
camping is in-tents! 
i liked it. 

i eat a lot of watermelon and cereal now days. not together though. 
its summer and i don't even know what day it is. 
last night i ate a whole thing of ben&jerry ice cream all by myself. and i don't even feel guilty. 
i was laying out today and got attacked by a swarm of bees because my tanning lotion smelled good. but who am i kidding? im a lifeguard, i don't need to lay out. 

so.. my life has gotten really weird recently. i wish i could tell you but some things can't be shared on the blog. things that happened three years ago are just now coming full circle. funny how time works like that. 

have you heard this song? if you haven't you should probably go walk off a cliff or something. that was mean, but really. its like a classic. 

so like i said, life is good. 
i've been spending a lot of time eating, instagraming and talking to my two favorite madden brothers. 
i love me some madden brothers. 

okay so maybe one day i'll make a normal blog post. 



summer time.. it just does something to me and blogging is the last thing on my mind. sorry but im not sorry 

hunter hayes' album is fantastic. i listened to the album a long time ago, and recently started listening to it again. i love every single song. 

i bought my first set of dinnerware for my apartment. i'm feeling super old.

strawberry days is coming up. I LIVE FOR STRAWBERRY DAYS. my whole year revolves around that one week of goodness. 

i bought that sally hansen magnetic nail polish. its pretty new but WOW. i'm in love. 

i went and saw snow white and the huntsman. if you havent seen it, i suggest it. i really loved it. except for kristen stewart still has the acting skills of a rock. the movie was full of pretty people. 

i have 1310 followers on tumblr. that is outrageous. i started a dinky little blog a while back and now look what it has grown in to.

i've been 18 for a whole week and it feels wonderful. just kidding, its not like anything has really changed but whatever.

i'm peeling so bad and it makes me mad.

someone please redo my blog for me. i hate it and everything about it. im tired of trying to make it look pretty, someone just do it for me. im serious, let me know. 

so far i am not going to a single concert this summer, im kind of chapped. 

all i've been watching lately is reno 911. honestly, its the greatest show ever. actually its really trashy but i laugh so hard when i watch it. 

i probably haven't been blogging much because im on instagram all the time. follow me. @miss_melia

i'm not really into tattoos, but i thought this tattoo was so freaking awesome. 


my job

whoa. i forgot i had a blog. 
not really but i've been doing better things. 

my job rocks. 
actually i have a love/hate relationship with it. mostly hate. but nights like these make me forget about how much i hate it. late night hours at the pool make for some of the best memories. 
the pool closed early today due to crazy wind. so 4 of us lifeguards and one head guard were left with nothing to do. until we did this... 

this pit is about 30 feet deep, pitch black and full of water, as you can see. so what do we do? go swim around in it. if you are claustrophobic, this is not the place for you. 
my co-workers are seriously the best. you know its a pretty good job when you stay and hang around for 2+ hours, when you're not even getting paid for it. 



i mentioned a day or two ago that my momma got me this super cute ring for my birthday. 
yeah, im in love with it. 
i wear it every day and it never comes off. its probably the sweetest, most meaningful gift i've ever gotten. 
like i've said a million times, i'm moving out in a few months and moving about 3 hours from home. 
so momma clegg got this ring made for me. 
the outside is engraved with the latitude & longitude coordinates to my house.
the inside is engraved with "we love you"

so when times get tough at college, or when im feeling alone or far from home, i can look at this ring
and remember that i have a home full of a family that loves me and supports me. 

best present ever. 


insta, insta, instagram.

EVERYONE! i got an instagram. i'm super pumped about it and all... since ive been dying to have one for decades. follow me @miss_melia
i promise i post lots of cool stuff...

i face timed with none other than *drumroll* mister randy madden. 

it was the greatest hour of my life. 
i haven't seen randy in "real life" since that night at disneyland. 

it was so good to see his face and hear his jersey accent. 
my abs hurt when i was done. he makes me laugh. 

im 18

my birthday was fan-freaking-tastic, thanks for asking. 
i started out my birthday with a fire in my backyard. i burned all of my chemistry papers and it was great. i sat around the fire by myself and ate s'mores to my little hearts content. i sat there for a bit while the first of the happy birthday text messages rolled in. the first text came from my ex-boyfriend, and then angie. (sorry angie, josh has ya beat. 2 years in a row now.)

i went inside and went to bed. i had the best possible dream i could have had on my birthday. i dreamed that i made out with this guy, who is pretty good looking. im friends with this guy in real life too. anyway, i woke up with a smile on my face and 8 unread messages. 

the day was full of facebook messages, wall posts, text messages & phone calls. technology is awesome. 
i spent most of the morning on my new laptop waiting for an e-mail. i found out who all of my roommates are going to be at college. (i'll save that post for later)

after a morning filled with anticipation, i left to go shopping. me, momma and my grandma went up to city creek to do some hard core shopping. nobody shops like we do, my grandma is like 80 and she can shop like its nobody's business. i shopped my arse off and ended up with a lot of cute things. im spoiled, i have no excuse. we had lunch at the cheesecake factory. mmm, so good. i was born to shop, i know it.

momma surprised me with the cutest cake. DISNEY THEMED of course. she knows me too well. i couldn't have asked for a better surprise. it tasted as good as it looked.

i finished off the night with opening presents. i got the new ipod touch i wanted and that was about it. i ain't complaining. now i can face time.  my momma also got me the cutest ring.. but i'll post about that later.

i finished the evening with a long chat with the coolest guy ever, randy madden. he is truly the greatest. its so funny how some random guy i met at disneyland has had such an impact on my life.

happy birthday to myself.

tonight, i am going to dinner at tucanos. bless that restaurant. 



no, we didn't plan this. 
but i think we have great taste. 

tomorrow is my 18th birthday. everyone celebrate. 
i don't work, and im going shopping all day so its bound to be a good one. 



is anyone else's pinterest acting weird...? i kinda want to shoot pinterest in the face right now. 

today i took a 3 hour drive through the canyon. the most relaxing and uplifting thing in the world. i wish i could spend all my time in the mountains.
the mountains are my safe place. i love to be in the mountains and think about life, with no distractions. i love to feel the dirt on my hands and smell the fresh air. i love to feel the breeze against my face and look at the contrast between the dark dirt and deep green trees. 
it is heaven on earth, im telling ya. 
sometimes when i drive through the mountains i think about all of the memories i have there. and then my mind wanders and i start to day dream about what kind of memories i will make with my husband and kids in the same mountains one day. i know its a long ways away, but i love to think about it. i want to raise a family that loves the outdoors. i want to marry a man that loves to be in nature and i will raise kids that appreciate the beautiful things in life. 
the mountains make me happier than any other thing on this earth. i am so content when i am in the mountains and the only way i can describe the feeling i have is bliss. i never want to leave the mountains.