end of the week.

i went to the rodeo on friday night with my best friend. 
anyone that lives in this area and goes to the rodeo, do you guys know that fat guy that the rodeo announcers call larry, or junior? the big guy that stands on the top row of the bleachers and dances and takes off his shirt? yeah him... 
that's my ex-boyfriend. thought i'd get that out there. 
good thing were still friends or else i'd be super embarrassed about the whole thing. 

strawberry days is over and so is my life. 


Kelsey said...

no.way. that was your boyfriend? i honestly couldn't stop laughing, he was so funny.

this is too good.

Melia Clegg said...

haha yep, he sure is. we're actually really good friends still. and he really is as funny as he seems, that's why i dated him (: