i can't really explain to you how amazing randy madden is. i cant explain the impact he has had on my life. i cant tell you the numerous lessons he has taught me, or the things he has shared with me that have changed me in one way or another. he has touched my life in so many ways and i am so thankful for him. it is such an honor to be able to call him my friend and talk to him almost daily. he is so passionate with everything he does, and it blows me away. he is so down to earth and i am constantly learning from his example. meeting randy was one of the greatest moments of my life and it is such privilege to learn from him. watch this video. he has been working on it for a long time. he is so talented and passionate about what he does and it makes me happy to see him succeed. 

meeting him in line for indiana jones at disneyland not only taught me the greatest lesson i have ever learned, it gave me the best friend and mentor i could ask for. thanks randy, your the best. 

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