is anyone else's pinterest acting weird...? i kinda want to shoot pinterest in the face right now. 

today i took a 3 hour drive through the canyon. the most relaxing and uplifting thing in the world. i wish i could spend all my time in the mountains.
the mountains are my safe place. i love to be in the mountains and think about life, with no distractions. i love to feel the dirt on my hands and smell the fresh air. i love to feel the breeze against my face and look at the contrast between the dark dirt and deep green trees. 
it is heaven on earth, im telling ya. 
sometimes when i drive through the mountains i think about all of the memories i have there. and then my mind wanders and i start to day dream about what kind of memories i will make with my husband and kids in the same mountains one day. i know its a long ways away, but i love to think about it. i want to raise a family that loves the outdoors. i want to marry a man that loves to be in nature and i will raise kids that appreciate the beautiful things in life. 
the mountains make me happier than any other thing on this earth. i am so content when i am in the mountains and the only way i can describe the feeling i have is bliss. i never want to leave the mountains. 

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