hey there

hello bloggers.
life is good.
except this blog is super ugly and i don't know how to fix it. someone help.

i've been doing a lot of college shopping. i can hardly walk in my room anymore because its full of stuff for my apartment. its creeping closer, im tellin ya. i've been talking to my roommates.... we'll leave it at that.

i've also bought a lot of unnecessary things, like this shirt.
camping is in-tents! 
i liked it. 

i eat a lot of watermelon and cereal now days. not together though. 
its summer and i don't even know what day it is. 
last night i ate a whole thing of ben&jerry ice cream all by myself. and i don't even feel guilty. 
i was laying out today and got attacked by a swarm of bees because my tanning lotion smelled good. but who am i kidding? im a lifeguard, i don't need to lay out. 

so.. my life has gotten really weird recently. i wish i could tell you but some things can't be shared on the blog. things that happened three years ago are just now coming full circle. funny how time works like that. 

have you heard this song? if you haven't you should probably go walk off a cliff or something. that was mean, but really. its like a classic. 

so like i said, life is good. 
i've been spending a lot of time eating, instagraming and talking to my two favorite madden brothers. 
i love me some madden brothers. 

okay so maybe one day i'll make a normal blog post. 


bina said...

Pretty sure I know exactly what you mean! :)

Melia Clegg said...

on what part!?