im 18

my birthday was fan-freaking-tastic, thanks for asking. 
i started out my birthday with a fire in my backyard. i burned all of my chemistry papers and it was great. i sat around the fire by myself and ate s'mores to my little hearts content. i sat there for a bit while the first of the happy birthday text messages rolled in. the first text came from my ex-boyfriend, and then angie. (sorry angie, josh has ya beat. 2 years in a row now.)

i went inside and went to bed. i had the best possible dream i could have had on my birthday. i dreamed that i made out with this guy, who is pretty good looking. im friends with this guy in real life too. anyway, i woke up with a smile on my face and 8 unread messages. 

the day was full of facebook messages, wall posts, text messages & phone calls. technology is awesome. 
i spent most of the morning on my new laptop waiting for an e-mail. i found out who all of my roommates are going to be at college. (i'll save that post for later)

after a morning filled with anticipation, i left to go shopping. me, momma and my grandma went up to city creek to do some hard core shopping. nobody shops like we do, my grandma is like 80 and she can shop like its nobody's business. i shopped my arse off and ended up with a lot of cute things. im spoiled, i have no excuse. we had lunch at the cheesecake factory. mmm, so good. i was born to shop, i know it.

momma surprised me with the cutest cake. DISNEY THEMED of course. she knows me too well. i couldn't have asked for a better surprise. it tasted as good as it looked.

i finished off the night with opening presents. i got the new ipod touch i wanted and that was about it. i ain't complaining. now i can face time.  my momma also got me the cutest ring.. but i'll post about that later.

i finished the evening with a long chat with the coolest guy ever, randy madden. he is truly the greatest. its so funny how some random guy i met at disneyland has had such an impact on my life.

happy birthday to myself.

tonight, i am going to dinner at tucanos. bless that restaurant. 

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