summer time.. it just does something to me and blogging is the last thing on my mind. sorry but im not sorry 

hunter hayes' album is fantastic. i listened to the album a long time ago, and recently started listening to it again. i love every single song. 

i bought my first set of dinnerware for my apartment. i'm feeling super old.

strawberry days is coming up. I LIVE FOR STRAWBERRY DAYS. my whole year revolves around that one week of goodness. 

i bought that sally hansen magnetic nail polish. its pretty new but WOW. i'm in love. 

i went and saw snow white and the huntsman. if you havent seen it, i suggest it. i really loved it. except for kristen stewart still has the acting skills of a rock. the movie was full of pretty people. 

i have 1310 followers on tumblr. that is outrageous. i started a dinky little blog a while back and now look what it has grown in to.

i've been 18 for a whole week and it feels wonderful. just kidding, its not like anything has really changed but whatever.

i'm peeling so bad and it makes me mad.

someone please redo my blog for me. i hate it and everything about it. im tired of trying to make it look pretty, someone just do it for me. im serious, let me know. 

so far i am not going to a single concert this summer, im kind of chapped. 

all i've been watching lately is reno 911. honestly, its the greatest show ever. actually its really trashy but i laugh so hard when i watch it. 

i probably haven't been blogging much because im on instagram all the time. follow me. @miss_melia

i'm not really into tattoos, but i thought this tattoo was so freaking awesome. 


Lexi Hill said...

LOVE hunter hayes's album.I love how he wrote or co-wrote every song. You can tell he put as much though into the music as he did the lyrics. There all super good but way way way pretty too! Makes me wanna learn to play guitar! whats your favorite song? I really like If you told me to. Faith to fall back on. Somebody's Heartbreak. What you gonna do. Wanted. ALL OF THEM!!

carlee ellen said...

I LOVE HUNTER HAYES. BAHHH!!! the first time storm warning came on the radio..i was like, wait? is this rascal flatts? had to look it up, obviously. nope, it was hunter hayes. and i fell in love with him. wanted was my all time favorite, then its finally becoming popular. OH! and somebody's heartbreak, all you ever, and cry with you...LOVE THEM! ah. love him. so much.